What I offer

If you are considering counselling, then it’s possible that you’re having a difficult time with something in your life and are looking for help and support in dealing with those problems. Being on your own with them can be a heavy burden to carry and you may be looking for a safe space, to be with someone who is prepared to sit with you and listen without judging.

I believe I can provide that safe and unconditional environment in which you can explore the difficulties you face and look for the answers in yourself, thereby fulfilling your capacity for positive growth; a capacity that we all have within ourselves.

My work is person centred and as each of us is unique, my approach is to draw on a range of therapeutic perspectives to provide support in a way that is individual to your needs.

In my counselling practice I have much experience working with young people and their experience of life’s problems, but have also explored with people of all ages just what it is to be human, helping those suffering from bereavement, anxieties, depression and many other emotional experiences.