Working with You

I have much experience working with young people and their experience of life’s problems, but have also explored with people of all ages just what it is for them to be unhappy. Clients have brought a wide variety of issues including relationship problems, breakups and even retirement difficulties. So many problems can bring unpleasant feelings like aloneness, sadness, depression or maybe anxiety, all of which can be hard to carry, until those problems are resolved.

The overpowering nature of our feelings can be so confusing that we feel helpless and vulnerable. Quite often when asking for help, people do so because of those feelings that they are actually experiencing and can talk about, without understanding the underlying causes.

You may feel embarrassment over the things you do want to talk about and I know that even when people ask for help and come for counselling, they may still have to find the strength to talk about feelings like weakness or despair.

I can help you find your way through.

In our work together we will gently search for reasons behind those feelings and help you move away from your current position.